One Two Three Comrade Come Dance With Me

TikTok choreographic lecture43'by Igor Koruga

The work focuses on the artistic and pedagogical practices of the founders of modern dance, Maga Magazinović, and Luja Davič, during the period 1930-1945. years in Serbia. Examining their work of introducing modern/expressive dance (Ausdrucktanz) of their teachings by Mary Wigman, Isidora Duncan, Rudolf Laban, into our local scene, the research also questions the socio-cultural and political positioning of Magazinović and Davičo between right, nationalist and fascist, fascist, fascist the ideology of the time; That is, in terms of dance, between the so-called. abstract, modern, concert, bourgeois dance, and, workers', partisan, national liberation, revolutionary dance. Comparative analysis of theoretical discourses and archives on the political positions of modern dance in the contexts of Germany, America, and Serbia, the research examines several topics from today's perspective: mechanisms of establishing and transgenerational maintenance of discourse on modern/contemporary dance art as a technological tool for socializing. have established themselves to this day within the dominant local policies of state cultural institutions; mechanisms of canonization and institutionalization within the world of (dance) art; the question of revolutionary assassination as a form of artistic practice and cultural-political resistance to the dominant ideological matrices. The artistic research is shaped through the dramatization of concepts and information from the life and work of Davič and Magazinović in a short format of TikTok video, as a current form of digital and online distribution of knowledge.
The work is part of a group theoretical and artistic research and project DANCE UNTIL A NEW DAWN conducted by Bojan Djordjev, Mirjana Dragosavljevic, Sinisa Ilic, Igor Koruga, and Mariana Cvetkovic.
The thematic framework and the main question that the project raises is who has the right to art, to whom it belongs, to whom it is needed. The research follows historical moments very important for the fight against the commodification of art, with a special focus on dance and performing arts. We understand the role and position of dance as a metaphor of a society that always moves between shaping the individual to an organized society, a whole.
The project is part of the Creative Crossroads program within the Life Long Burning project and is supported by the Nomad Dance Academy network, KikMelone from Zagreb, and Lokomotiva Center for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture from Skopje (the project is part of Lokomotiva's Art, Politics, Institution program, Body and is supported through Life Long Burning - Creative Europe, as well as by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the City of Skopje).

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